Mighty Auto Parts


Since 1963, Mighty Auto Parts has been a valued wholesale supply partner to the automotive service professional. Today, Mighty supports a nationwide network of franchises and company operations located in 44 states serving more than 15,000 automotive service facilities. Headquartered just outside of Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia, Mighty also supports operations in Canada, Mexico, Saudi

The Story of Sozo Wellness Center


Growing up, I remember regular trips to the pharmacy with my grandmother, who was a diabetic and suffered from every complication of the disease.  She was a double amputee, had vision problems, as well as heart and kidney issues. Those visits to the pharmacy were very often and I got to observe how

The Story of Cape Coral Therapists


Are you faced with challenges that seem overwhelming? Do you feel stuck? Have you been feeling disconnected from your significant other? Does your relationships, family, or work environment seem too stressful or chaotic? Does anxiety and/or depression feel like your only constant companion? Do you want more out of your life and/or your

The Story of Green Book Lee


Green Book Lee was created to promote and support Black-owned businesses in Lee County, Florida. These are businesses that need our support financially and socially. These are businesses that need our protection. These are businesses that non-Black friends, families, and allies should be directing their friends and family to, if they want to help

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